Nosy Be, Madagascar


5R8R* team will be active from Nosy Be Island, IOTA AF - 057, Madagascar, 19 - 29 November 2018.
Team - K2BB, UU0JR.


 Alex, K2BB and Pavel, UU0JR are going to Nosy Be Island, AF-057, Madagascar during November 19-29, 2018. Plans are to QRV on 160-6m, CW/SSB/Digi/EME. Participation in CQWW DX CW contest.

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Meet the Team

Alex K2BB


Pavel UU0JR


Papa Dima



Europe - 7,000 km, East Coast - 14,000 km, West Coast - 17,000 km

 Nosy Be is an island off the northwest coast of Madagascar.  

Villa Orangea

Location, location, location ...

What's Up

No More Short Calls

Our original plan was to request nice short calls like 5R8R and 5R8U... Not so fast, boys... ARTEC (Madagascar telecom authority) stopped giving away short call signs and the only option now is 2-letter suffix. They simply added first letter of our last names to requested calls, so we end up with 5R8RG and 5R8UM.

The only call to be used in this trip will be 5R8UM - it sounds better in CW and we dont mess with two LOTW certificates, clublog pages and two QSL card designs

Radios, Amplifiers, Antennas

  • Radios: Kenwood TS-590S, Elecraft KX3, Odyssey 2 SDR
  • Amp: Elecraft KPA-500 with KAT-500
  • Antennas: SpiderBeam for 20...10M, Verticals for 160...30M, Beverage for RX, G0KSC 6el 50Mhz Yagi 
  • Modes: CW-SSB-FT8-JT65A
  • QSL: clublog, OQRS for direct QSL and LOTW

  • EME: Yes, we will try 6M EME - moonrise/moonset only, using JT65A  @ 50.193. Watch ON4KST chat for exact frequency

Blog, while on the island

Whatever we do on the island...


Our FT8 Frequencies, DX-pedition mode (fox-hound) :












EME - JT65A - 50.193. 

Looks like our transmitting frequency is +350 Hz up...

We are planning to resume EME operation after the CQ WW CW contest ends


CQ-ing in WW CQ contest, giving people neded mult. Propagation is 50/50. First 7 hours of contest gave us only 200 Qs... The loudest stations on 20m in the morning were S2-S3... Than, about local noon propagation opend worldwide - all the way from JA to EU-NA-SA

Second night was the same like the first one. Rain and thunder, solid S9 noise on 40 and 80m bands... We stopped the CQ WW CW activity and have spent whole night running FT8 on 40 and 80 in parallel.

Uploaded all current logs to ClubLog.


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5R8 CQWW Expedition 2018

Ambaro, Nosy Be, Madagascar

Monday - Friday: 00 - 24 UTC

Saturday: CQ WWDX CW Contest

Sunday: CQ WWDX CW Contest